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How Should I Prepare For My Pet SItter

  • By admin
  • Posted 15th September, 2016

So you’ve decided to leave your precious fur babies in the hands of someone else for the first
time. I know from experience that leaving your babes can be super stressful and most likely
there will always be that little bit of worry, but with the proper planning you can at least enjoy
yourself a little knowing that your pet sitter knows exactly how to care for your pet.

Here is a checklist of items you should have ready for your pet sitter:

  • It is most important to find someone you trust. Consider someone that is responsible enough to understand that your pet is a living being and deserves all the same respects a human does. We highly recommend finding someone who understands animal behaviour and is bonded and insured for their peace of mind and for yours. Keep in mind that your 13 year old neighbor will probably lack experience and may be interrupting your getaway asking you lots of questions.
  • Keys, door codes and alarm codes. If you are able, you should program temporary codes for your pet sitter that can be erased after your return.
  • A list of medications that your pet takes, doses and times they should be given. If your pet has multiple medications it may be a good idea to make a check off list for your pet sitter. You can even have them ready in a pill case labeled with the day.
  • If you are able, give a tour of the house before you leave and let them know where important household items are, where the litter boxes reside, where your dogs go to the bathroom, and places your pets are not allowed to go such as couches.
  • Leave food, treats, leashes and collars (in case of an emergency), and carriers in one central location (such as a counter) but out of the reach of your pets. It will be easier than
  • The phone number and address of your veterinarian
  • Although we never like to think about it, accidents can happen. You should leave explicit instructions letting them know a maximum dollar limit you are willing to spend per pet, if you would like to be contacted before any vet visits, and your wishes should the unthinkable happen and your pet sitter is unable to get a hold of you.
  • If you want them to water your plants, try to put them all in one locations (as sun requirements will allow) with plastic bags or tarps underneath them to protect your floors.
  • Notes with any additional services you would like them to do such as feed your fish or gerbil, take in your mail, or alternate lights.
  • The best way to contact you. If you are on a cruise it may not be feasible to receive a text; email may be a better option. Let your pet sitter know which method is best and how often you would like updates. It’s often best to also leave an emergency contact that knows you and your home well.
  • List any visitors that will be coming to your home during your absence and leave their name and contact information. Having unannounced guests is not only uncomfortable situation for your sitter but can also be scary so, if someone plans on dropping in, let them know.

If you’re looking for the right pet sitter, contact us at www.petpanionpetcare.com to set up a
meet and greet with one of our highly skilled and caring pet care technicians.


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